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Where Do Mosquitoes Hide? Mosquito Control and Protection Basics

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We know how often this happens… You try your best to enjoy an evening cookout, but a constant swarm of mosquitoes follows you from grill to poolside… The threat? A pierce to your skin, leaving behind an itchy red welt and possibly even a serious illness.

And you swat madly at these pests, wondering where do they really hide?

Well, some mosquitoes like living near people, while others hide in forests, marshes, or tall grasses. The short answer is mosquitoes have so many places to hide around you. So, to get rid of these annoying bugs, you need to know the mosquito control basics.

Remember that mosquitoes are often near water. They lay their eggs in shallow, stagnant water. The eggs are usually in marshes, ponds, lakes, children’s pools, the inside of tires, birdbaths and other containers with shallow water.

CDC recommends the following tips to avoid adult mosquitoes and their bites:

  • Drain or fill temporary pools of water with dirt.
  • Where appropriate, establish a schedule to dump, clean and replace the water regularly.
  • Keep swimming pool water treated and circulating.
  • Limit the use of scented body care products. Because fragrant soaps, lotions, perfumes and hair products attract mosquitoes.
  • Use screened windows and doors in your home. If possible, use air conditioning instead of open windows.

Almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. This is the best time to learn how to prevent yourself from these bloodsuckers!

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