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Tips for Outdoor Mosquito Control

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As the local mosquitoes wake up from their winter slumber, you will undoubtedly encounter these pests in growing numbers around your home. It is not new that Mosquitoes are an insect that no one wants to encounter because of both annoying and potentially dangerous number of serious diseases they carry,

Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to escape, especially during the upcoming wet, humid summer months. If you are tired of constantly swatting away mosquitoes but refuse to resign yourself to living with them, the following five mosquito control tips are meant for you.

Firstly, Eliminate Standing Water

The next step in your mosquito control checklist will be to eliminate all the forms of standing water that are non-purposeful in nature. Here are some tips:

  • Tip garbage, recycling and other containers upside down so they cannot gather water. Alternatively, drill holes in the bottom so water can drain out.
  • Clean the gutters so they are unclogged and make sure they are working properly. If too much water is draining at the downspout, create an extension to carry the water further away.
  • Look for areas of your lawn that pool after a good rain. These areas mean you have some dips and slope problems.


Bonus tip: Try Proper landscaping as mosquitoes find shelter in the shade where they can escape the heat and the sun during the day. Minimizing these areas is a must in mosquito control method.

Live a mosquito-free life!

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