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Mosquito Control and Climate Change: Is There a Connection?

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You’ll find it hard to believe but Mosquito-borne Diseases are on the Uptick and well, all thanks to Global Warming!

The thing to worry about is that the Infection rates of diseases like malaria, dengue fever and West Nile virus are likely to rise as a warming climate creates more mosquito-friendly habitats. In fact, he U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a record number of West Nile virus infections in the continental U.S. in 2012 with some 5,674 documented cases including 286 deaths.

I know you’re probably wondering if there is a link between the recent spread of mosquito-borne diseases around the world and Climate Change. The short answer is: yes, there is!

According to Maria Diuk-Wasser at the Yale School of Public Health, the onset of human-induced global warming is likely to increase the infection rates of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue fever and West Nile virus by creating more mosquito-friendly habitats.

Did you know that Dengue is considered a “climate-sensitive” disease? Why? Because rates of the virus are linked to mosquito density, which is affected by temperature and precipitation.

No matter how the climate is, an essential part of mosquito control around homes is making sure that mosquitoes don’t have a place to lay their eggs. Because mosquitoes need water for two stages of their life cycle, it’s important to monitor standing water sources.

So, stay safe and don’t let the mosquitoes bite!

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