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Summer is coming……and insects!

With the arrival of summer in Canada, insects and ants colonies tend to appear. Especially in those places with garden areas. They are looking for sources of food and moisture. That is why they usually appear in the kitchen and bathrooms of the home. When it comes to a severe pest, it is advisable to hire the services of professionals for pest control. In general, we worry about exterminating the most visible ants, but to solve the problem it will be necessary to kill the queen.
There are an estimated 7,000 billion ants in the world. They are in charge of collecting food and we can see them wandering around the houses. Once they find food they return to the nest leaving a trail called a recruitment pheromone. If we follow the line of ants we could find out where the colony is and this helps in ant control.

Where do pets usually nest?

They have a preference for hard-to-reach locations such as:

  • Under the tiles
  • Ceilings
  • Behind the hot plates
  • In pots between the walls
  • Wooden structures

The presence of winged ants can also alert us to the presence of a nest of this family of insects and thus take action for ant control.

How to Prevent Pest Infestation

Assuming that pests come from outside in search of food and water sources, we can prepare for pest control with these simple tips:
  • Seal possible home entrance cracks in doors and windows
  • Storing food properly, avoiding spilled containers, and cleaning pantries often
  • Keep trash in clean, covered bins and take out bags frequently
  • Move pet feeders away from areas frequented by ants
  • Dry the sink and check for water leaks
  • Check trees, shrubs, and pots near the home
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes or leftovers, such as bread crumbs, under the toaster

Methods for Ant control

The following methods are very effective for ant control

  • An ant invasion can be dealt with by using barriers made of diatomaceous earth at the entrances of the house. This dust draws moisture out of their bodies and is not dangerous if there are children or pets in the home.
  • Double-sided tape can be applied to trap ants. It is usually used in kitchens but if they accumulate dust they end up being ineffective.
  • The sulfur serves as a repellent and applied to the crevices would force the ants to search for a new home.
  • If we mix Borax -sodium borate- with water and sugar we can impregnate the corners of the affected house. The ants will come to the bait attracted by the candy.
  • There are baits in the form of seeds that the ants transport to their nests, where they end up spreading the poison until it affects the entire anthill.

Professional Pest Control

When we are faced with a serious invasion of pests, professional companies usually use several control systems for pest control:

  • Manual or motor spraying of insecticides to kill pests
  • Use of baits in anti-pests gel or granule forms
  • High pressure blown powder is one of the most effective methods for ant control, as it reaches the bottom of the nest and is capable of killing the queen ant.
  • Sprinkle of antiseptic powder or insect repellent pastes
  • The substances most used for pest control by experts are Fipronil and Fenoxicarb.

Fun Facts about Ants

  • Ants live a maximum of seven years and the queen reaches 15
  • Ants also act as scavengers that break down organic matter. They can also serve as plant pollinating agents
  • Some species of ants function as pest control agents by devouring insect larvae
  • In tropical countries the fearsome fire ants and the red ant are present. Grouped in the shape of a crowd, they destroy the vegetation and animals
  • Ants communicate through chemical messages emitted by their antennae. They also exchange data by sharing small pieces of food, which are impregnated with hormonal signals.
  • Among the 100 worst invasive organisms recorded in the Invasive Species Database of the International Union for Conservation of Nature are five species of ants: Anoplolepis Gracilipes, Linepithema humile, Pheidole Megacephala, Solenopsis Invicta, and Wasmannia Auropunctata.

Towards greater awareness, prevention, and control

All these measures will help to combat the uncomfortable presence of pests. The choice of treatments for pest control must be made by assessing factors such as the biological cycle in which the pest is found, environmental conditions, the level of infestation, or the minimization of the possible impact on the environment, animals, and humans.

In case of severe pest manifestation, you must contact Professional pest control and prevention companies in charge of establishing the relevant control measures. So, enjoy the pest free Summer!

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