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Mosquitos and ticks are more than irritants: they spread disease. Mosquito Man has dedicated his life to freeing Canadians from the specter of these diseases. He has trained for years in the fabled arts of mosquito and tick destruction. Now, armed to the teeth with PMRA regulated, environmentally friendly sprays and techniques, Mosquito Man is available to keep you and your family safe with pest control Windsor Ontario. With mosquito barrier treatment Ontario, your family will be as safe as they possibly can be.

Ticks are borne by wildlife. As animals pass through your area, ticks jump off and hang around until you pass by. Then they crawl up your legs and bite you, sucking your blood so they can live. In return for your blood, they give you diseases. There is nothing Mosquito Man hates more. Let him explain:

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an inflammatory condition caused by the borrelia bacterium. Barelegged ticks carry this disease. It causes rashes, swelling, fevers, vomiting and nausea, and pain in the joints and muscles. Some people have such bad reactions that they cannot work or play for months or years. It is very rarely fatal but it is extremely debilitating.

Mosquito Man can prevent Lyme disease by killing the ticks in your areas and making them difficult to return to. He is well versed in the latest techniques.


Blacklegged ticks carry this disease, which is caused by a parasite called babesia microti. It invades your blood cells and causes fevers and chills, headaches, fatigue and in extreme cases, jaundice, shortness of breath, and even anemia.

Mosquito Man will make it very difficult for blacklegged ticks to colonize your spaces so your kids can play freely.

Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis

Another disease bourn by the blacklegged tick, this bacterium attacks your blood cells and gives you fevers and chills, muscle aches, and pains in the head.

West Nile Virus

This is a disease spread by mosquitos that has killed dozens of people in Canada. It is thankfully rare, thanks to Mosquito Man and his compatriots in the war against biting insects, but it is still a threat. Do not take the chance with this terrible disease by eliminating them effectively from your area with Mosquito control Ontario!

Zika Virus

Zika has been in the news globally since it became a global epidemic. There is no vaccine against this virus so you will really want to avoid getting it. Symptom-wise, you could get a fever accompanied by a rash or joint pain. The main worry about Zika is that it causes problems in pregnancy, even if it is caught in the months before getting pregnant. The main issue is that it causes microcephaly, a birth defect where a baby’s head and brain are significantly smaller than they should be. Prevention, as they say, is always better than the cure – and in this case there is no cure. Don’t take any chances – use mosquito barrier treatment Ontario to avoid complications, particularly if you’re thinking of starting a family in the future.

Mosquito Man can Help You Keep Your Family Safe from Ticks and Mosquitos

12 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Mosquitos & Ticks Away

Mosquito Man cares about your health. He wants you to be safe, so here are his 12 best tips for keeping mosquitos and ticks away.

  1. Use insect repellent AS DIRECTED. Follow the instructions and apply liberally. This is your first line of defense.
  2. Wear long-sleeved tops, high socks, and long pants to keep your skin covered when you are outdoors.
  3. Always check for ticks after you have spent time outdoors. You can reduce your risk of disease by eliminating them immediately.
  4. Wash within 2 hours of coming inside to help identify and wash away ticks.
  5. Use a tumble dryer to kill ticks in clothing. Ten minutes on a high heat will be enough.
  6. Check your pets regularly for ticks, they can be hosts for disease.
  7. Remove ticks safely in the correct way – grasp them as close to the skin as possible with fine nosed tweezers. Pull away from the skin. Wash the area and your hands with rubbing alcohol when you are done.
  8. Never crush a tick between your fingers – remove them safely
  9. Check the surrounding areas for even small amounts of standing water. Turn over containers and empty items. Dispose safely and in an environmentally friendly way anything that might be a space for mosquito larvae.
  10. Clear brush and grasses around your home to deter deer and other wildlife from getting too close to your home. Keep your lawn mowed regularly.
  11. Consult Mosquito Man about preventative measures for your home.
  12. If you travel, make sure you use insect protection measures to stop you from bringing diseases home.

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