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Take Back My Yard!

Mosquito Control Spray

MOSQUITOMAN is on a mission: to provide the most effective mosquito control and tick control spray treatment to residential and commercial properties across Ontario. MOSQUITOMAN will rid your yard of mosquitoes and ticks so that your family and pets can enjoy being outside again.

The MOSQUITOMAN team consists of highly trained mosquito control experts. They have been fighting the bite together for over five years, and will continue protecting your yard from those pesky bloodsuckers.

Outfitted with the latest gear and backed by a top-notch support staff, the technicians in the field get the job done safely, thoroughly and quickly.

All of our preventative measures are guaranteed and certified. Call us or book an appointment using our online Service booking form. One of our service reps will call to arrange the perfect time for us to come by! If you have any questions about the barrier spray, please consult our FAQ or send us a message on the CONTACT form below. We are the owner/operators so we'll be available to take your call at any time :)

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Mosquito Control & Home Protection

Barrier Spray

This barrier is carefully applied around your yard by a certified MOSQUITOMAN technician. This widely trusted mosquito solution then terminates the pests on contact, ensuring a safe and habitable environment. The effects of the barrier spray lasts 21 days depending on rain and weather patterns.

Home Protection

Get your home protected and keep the bugs out! A Mosquito Man technician will spray around the outside structure of your home two times throughout the season. This eliminates and prevents infestation of ants, spiders, wasps, box elder beetles and yellow jackets.
Take Back My Yard!


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