How to Keep Insects From Getting Inside of Your Home

Posted On : September 24th, 2018

How to Keep Insects From Getting Inside of Your Home

As the cool weather approaches, insects will find refuge in the warmth of your home. Prevention is always the best solution so a problem doesn’t get out of hand.

Why Do Insects Invade Our Homes?

  • It’s quite common for insects to congregate by the thousands on west-or south facing walls. These walls retain the sun’s heat and warm insect bodies.
  • Ground Beetles tend to infest homes that have planting beds located next to the foundation.
  • Box Elder Bugs invade homes with yards that have female box elder and maple trees which is the summer food source for these bugs.
  • Centipedes prefer to stay in your basement during the cooler months, they hide in damp areas and wait for the weather to warm up before you see them roaming your main living areas.
  • Insects may choose your home simply because they don’t differentiate well between the bark of a tree and your cedar or even vinyl siding.

Here are the most common insects that tend to get indoors during the cool weather:

  • Spiders
  • Centipes
  • Millipedes
  • Ants
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Beetles
  • Stink Bugs

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

  1. Install Window Screens: make sure bugs cannot get in the house by installing window screens. Choose a 20-mesh or fine screen so that bugs cannot sneak through the holes. Make sure there are no holes in the screen or spacing between the screen frame and window seal.
  2. Seal Doors: Install a sturdy aluminum or steel threshold underneath the door. For added protection, add a door sweep. You can even install a hydraulic door to make sure the door closes behind people coming and going.
  3. Maintain Your Yard: Eliminate all wood to soil contact around your foundation and be sure to keep firewood and other wood debris from being stacked directly against your home. Keep a well maintained lawn if it is not covered in snow yet. You also want to make sure gutters drain properly and direct moisture away from your home. Also, remove any piles of leaves or debris before the snow coats them because this is a perfect spot for bugs to keep warm during the winter.
  4. Repair Cracks: Keep bugs out by using cement or mortar to patch foundation and walls. You can also use caulk around window frames, any holes/cracks, foundation or siding cracks.
  5. Seal Around Pipe Penetrations: The pipe penetrations in your walls most likely have large gaps around them with large holes that had to be drilled for installation. This becomes a great way for insects to get in side of your home. You can use caulk to seal these holes.
  6. Cover All Large Openings: You can’t cover your vents or roof with caulking but you do need to cover them up so that bugs don’t get inside of your home this winter. You can use a fine wire mesh, typically called hardwire cloth. This comes in large rolls and can be stapled over large openings. You can also cover any vents or crawl space holes with hardwire cloth as well.

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