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Everything You Need To Know About Pest Control, Wasp Control, And Wasp Nest Removal

The beautiful month of summer will visit us yet again next month. While this is usually a good sign, we all know that pests love to come out in this season. They can ruin your perfectly good summer and can prove to be a huge hassle. But don’t you worry! We got you covered. In this blog, we will tell you everything that you need to know about pest control.

So without further ado, let’s begin. 

Where Do These Pests Hide?

There are several unreachable places where these pests love to hide. These unreachable places make it harder for you to spot them and apply some pest control method.

  1. Pests like bed bugs might be hiding on your furniture all the time. Many people routinely check their beds for these bugs, but the truth is that they can also be found in your furniture. Bed bugs and beetles might be living in your upholstered furniture.
  2. Pests love to hide in your garage. Since this area isn’t routinely accessed, pests find it very comfortable to be there.
  3. Closets are one of the favourite places for these pests to hide, the dark crevices provide a safe home, plus they get to feast on your clothes.
  4. A crack in the wall is another comfortable place for the bugs to hide. It often acts as a breeding ground for pests.

What Kind Of Pests Can You Expect?

There are several unpleasant visitors that may storm your house when they find your home’s conditions suitable for them.

1. Silverfish

Silverfish is one of the most distasteful bugs that may infest your house. It loves to feed on paper, fabrics, fibres, glue, and cardboard. They are pretty durable creatures, so getting them out of your home can be a challenging task.

2. Centipedes

Mosquitoes are commonly found in trees, bushes, shrubs, and other heavily wooded areas because they feed on plant nectar. So we’ll use a backpack sprayer to target these areas with a growth regulator and insecticide. This treatment kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage, where it acts as a repellent for weeks to come.

3. Carpet Beetles

These beetles love to drop some larvae around. The larvae of Carpet beetles can wreak havoc on your home by digging holes in your precious books, rugs, carpets, clothing, curtains, and upholstery. The worst part is that most people don’t notice that their home is infested by carpet beetles until they notice the damage caused by their larvae. We suggest that you always keep an eye out for them.

4. Fruit Flies

The scariest part about having fruit flies in your home is the fact they rapidly multiply in their numbers. At one time, you may see just a few of them flying around and then suddenly, before you even know, your whole house gets overtaken by these flies. The larvae of a fruit fry hatch just 24 hours after being laid. As the name suggests, fruit flies mostly eat over-ripe fruits. Whenever you notice them flying around your house, you need to take swift action.

5. Wasps

Wasps are common to storm houses in the late summer as well as the early fall. Wasps are known to be very aggressive, and they may attack you repeatedly. This means that you need to take them very seriously. Consider this a war between them and you. Wasps feed on sugary foods, and they love to live under ceilings and other unreachable spots so they can safely build a nest. Wasp nest removal is a tough job, therefore, you shouldn’t let them build one in the first place. Immediate action is always required for the effective wasp control.

Some Useful Tips on Getting Rid Of These Pests

It would be best if you kept in mind these valuable tips to minimize the risk of having pests in your home effectively.

  1. Keep all your food, especially fruits, in your fridge. If you have rotten stuff, then safely dispose of it. This will prevent flies from gathering.  This is also essential for the wasp control.
  2. Block all the entry points. Seal off the crevices and cracks from which these pests enter your house.
  3. Make your place less humid. This will prevent the pests that thrive on humidity, such as centipede, from entering your house.
  4. Start lining your overhangs to prevent wasps from thriving.
  5. If you find a wasp nest, slowly approach it during the night time and place it in a garbage bag. Granted, that wasp nest removal is much harder than it sounds, but you need to be courageous.

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