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4 Sure Tips For DIY Flea Control

If you have ever experienced a free infestation, you’d agree that while those creatures may be tiny, they are some of the most annoying pests to deal with. In fact, one could say being tiny even makes them even harder to control since it makes it easy for them to get around undetected.

But hard doesn’t mean impossible. In this blog, we would be sharing with you 4 sure DIY flea control tips that could help you take care of your flea infestation easily!

Before we get to that though, let’s answer one very important question:

How Did Fleas Get Into Your Home?

If you have ever noticed any fleas in your home, we’ve got bad news for you… the culprit is probably that pet you love so much. It’s not your pet’s fault though, chances are it simply contacted the fleas from another dog or some infested soil or grass somewhere else. What’s important however is that your pet is most likely how the fleas got in. This little bit of knowledge would come in handy later on.

Now with that established, let’s get to the first tip!

Tip 1: Find the Source

In every pest control effort, it is always important to first find out the source of the infestation (see why the previous heading is important now?) This is because, if the source isn’t first found and taken care of, the pests would only keep returning. Flea infestation is no different.

So when dealing with fleas, the first thing to do is find the source of the infestation. As stated earlier, the source is most likely your pet, so that should be the first place to check out.

Tip 2: Locate Infected Areas

Sometimes, though, your pet might actually NOT be the culprit. Maybe it’s a friend’s dog. Maybe they came from an infected lawn next door. Whatever case, if you can’t seem to find the source of the infestation, the next thing to do is target infested areas.

Find those parts of your home where you notice these fleas the most. Chances are, they have a nest somewhere close by. This is where you want to start from (if you can’t find the source). Some places to look include mattresses, beddings, furniture, and upholsteries.

Tip 3: Use Chemical Treatment

Once you have located the source of the flea infestation or the infected areas, the next bet is to utilize chemical treatment. While there are other methods of controlling flea infestation, chemical treatment is the most effective for non-professionals.

If the source of the infestation is your pet, we advise that you use chemicals specialized for removing fleas from pets. You don’t want to do something that would harm your pet, after all.

Tip 4: Treat the Surrounding Area As Well

Don’t think simply treating the source of the infestation is all that flea control entails though. Remember that these pests are living creatures that MOVE AROUND as well. Chances that you would find all the fleas in your home in just one or two locations and exterminate them all at once is practically impossible. So after treating the source and/or infected area(s), the next thing is to do is to treat the surroundings. In fact, if possible treat the entire room or even building! You don’t want the pest to return, do you?

How Do You Know You Need Flea Control

It’s not always easy to know that your home is infested by fleas. After all, unlike other pests, fleas are small enough to go unseen for quite a while. Not to worry though, below are a few telltale signs that your home has been infected by fleas:

  • Your pet scratching, licking or biting its fur excessively.
  • Multiple dot-like insects on your pet, mattress, couches, etc.
  • Itching whenever you lay on your mattresses or sit on your couch.
  • Matured fleas hopping around the house (the surest telltale sign EVER!)

Observe any of these signs in your building, then that’s as good a sign as any that your home is infected. If that ever happens, we advise that you use these four tips right away.

Need something surer than simple DIY flea control, then why not contact professional pest exterminators near you? After all, they are the surest way to get the job done!

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